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Amazon Kindle Publishing: How to Make Money on Amazon

Amazon Kindle publishing

I was in my penultimate year in the university when a friend of mine who had graduated sent me a link to a Youtube video. The video was about how to generate passive income from anywhere in the world including Nigeria using Amazon Kindle Publishing.

At the time, I was out of data so I had to borrow Xtrabyte from MTN to subscribe so I could watch the video which was about 2 hours long.

What is Passive Income

My perspective about making money changed that day and I learnt a life long lesson. I learnt that Passive Income is the best form of income you can ever have.

Passive income is the money you earn by minimal activity through a variety of ventures which require little daily effort or upkeep on the individual’s part. In other words, passive income means little effort and great earnings.

Anik Singal and Ty Cohen made the video on how to earn between $1000-$20,000 monthly from Amazon.

I know you are rolling your eyes like aunty don’t come and sakamanje us here o.

If you think I am lying, you can google Ty Cohen and check his net worth, how he makes his money and how much he charges to teach people his money making secret.

The guy is a millionaire in dollars and he has been making money from Amazon Kindle Publishing for more than a decade and he charges $697 to teach other people his method(this was about 2 months ago, I’m sure he would have increased the price).

You are thinking this is too good to be true right?

The method is very simple. All you have to do to be like Ty Cohen is just to publish a 25-30 page document to the largest online bookstore in the world. Sounds easy?

What is Amazon Kindle?


So what is Amazon Kindle Publishing? Well, a long time ago(in my fairy voice), Amazon started out on a mission to make e-books available to all and sundry so they rolled out small tablets called Kindle.

But they had a problem. They first started with physical books but they realized that not everyone can afford to pay for books and still pay for shipping so they decided to make the books available in digital form.

However, they noticed that not everyone had access to the Kindle devices so they decided to just make the e-books available to anyone with a mobile device.

As we all know that Amazon deals majorly in physical products, they had to solve the problem of finding digital books to sell in large quantities. This prompted them to start the self publishing platform. People can upload their e-books on Amazon and put a price tag. This in turn made Amazon the largest online bookstore in the world.

Who can Self-publish on Amazon?

Anyone with content(reasonable ones though) can publish from anywhere in the world and make thousands of dollars while doing it on Amazon. Amazon pays out millions of dollars in royalties to all publishers per year.

make money with amazon kindle

You will agree with me that starting a business in Nigeria is not easy. Even existing businesses are struggling to survive in this pandemic of COVID-19. E-commerce businesses are feeling it the most as all those that import things from China to sell are facing difficulties in their business. Other businesses are also affected by the pandemic as movements are getting restricted and some workplaces have told their employees to stay at home.

What is this telling you? It means operating a virtual business is the best right now. Publishing with Amazon gives you recurring earnings and these are some of them. 

Amazon kindle publishing income


amazon kindle publishing income

Why You Should Get Started Today

You know the best thing about Amazon self-publishing? It is absolutely 100% free to join. You don’t have to pay a dime for registration.


The next best thing is that they only take a very tiny proportion from your sales per book.

You don’t need to know how to run Facebook or Instagram ads because you don’t need them. Amazon does all that for you. Even Google ranks your books if the title or related keywords are typed in. Just imagine having Amazon and Google promote your book for you. You don blow be that o.

Promoting the book on your blog or to your email list helps but its not a must you do that. 

You really need to start doing this now. Trust me, this business is tested and trusted by me and it works like magic. I’m not a writer. Infact, I can’t write to save my life. I get someone to do the writing for me and I’m making dollars from Amazon.

Reasons why Amazon is the best place to Publish

  1. It is 100% free to start.
  2. You don’t need to spend money on ads or start building an email list.
  3. No website or fanpage is needed
  4. A publisher gets paid for life as long as people are buying your books.
  5. You do not have to worry about getting customers or delivering the book. Amazon does all that.
  6. I said it earlier, you don’t have to be a writer.

How to Get Started 

1. Market Research

You need to know what is selling on Amazon. If you are a writer, your area of specialization might not be selling well on Amazon so you have to do market research to know what people want to read and what is hot at the moment. So even if you want to engage a freelancer to do the writing for you, you will know what to tell him/her to write on. You can do this with Udemy and Amazon.

2. Writing the book

As I said earlier and I’m repeating now, you don’t have to be a writer before you can publish. Ty Cohen hires someone to do the writing for him. You don’t have to force yourself to write if you are not that good or you are not conversant with the topic you’ve decided to write on so you don’t deliver crappy content. As long as your content is bad, people will give negative reviews and this will scare prospective buyers away. Hiring someone from Upwork or Fiverr to do it for you at a very affordable price is better. However, if you feel you are good at writing, you can give it a go and do it yourself.

3. Publishing

amazon kindle publishing

You will be catering to an international audience therefore, you have to work on your title(it should be attention grabbing). Your book design has to be captivating and creative (you can get someone to design it). In addition, you should make sure your book is well formatted and free from typographical and grammatical errors. After all these, your book is ready for publishing. Just go to the kindle site. Register as a publisher and upload your book. Boom! Your book is on the largest online bookstore.

Did I mention that you keep getting royalties on your books without any extra effort as people will keep on buying your books as long as the content is great and it has a high rating. For instance, the image below shows recurring income in 2019 from books published since 2017.

amazon kindle publishing income

The key to making a lot of money from Amazon is to keep publishing books. Therefore, publishing more books helps you earn more money. On average, you can make $500 per book every month so multiply that by the number of books you have there.

I really hope you take action today.

A wise man once said if a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.

P.S. Gbenga Akintoye recently wrote a book titled “Passive Income Machine” and it has raised many giants financially through Amazon Kindle Publishing. It is available for a token compared to the amount of information you are getting from it. You don’t have to spend $697 on Ty Cohen’s blueprint when you can have it for less than 10% from our Nigerian brother who is making it big with Amazon.

Click here to get a copy and trust me, you will be glad you did.

Thank You and See you at the top.


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